Ju Jitsu For Juniors

The Cheshire Budo Federation has a proud history of teaching Jujitsu to young people.  Currently our club takes on children from the age of 5 years, with many of our students progressing through our grades into adulthood to achieve black belt and beyond.

What does Jujitsu bring to young people and why do we recommend it highly as an excellent activity for your child to undertake?

If you are a parent reading this, may we assume that you wish at least some of the following attributes to be present in your child.  Confidence, attention to detail, goal setting and achievement, focused endeavour, humility, respect for themselves and for others, respect for authority, reliability, physical capability, defensive capability; accepting failure and success with maturity; we could go on.

We believe that the attributes in the list above describe the attributes found in the successful martial artist and martial art is an excellent way to help children develop into the good adults that we would all want them to be.  If we could suggest a way to achieve these goals in a way that your child would enjoy, then Jujitsu is an excellent choice.

From a syllabus viewpoint, what can the junior beginner to Jujitsu expect to learn?

Our syllabus begins with stand up work, namely fighting stances, punching, kicking and blocking such attacks but we quickly introduce the student into the importance of transition into throwing opportunities and beginning to throw with hip throws and calf throws.

As the student moves up our grading system, we introduce different types of blocks to different types of kicks, punches including combinations of punches and we begin to introduce defences against grabs such as different types of wrist grips.

Another important feature of Jujitsu is the lock so we cover shoulder locks and arm locks which can be used to get compliance from your opponent or to get submissions. 

Learning how to fall safely and functionally is essential.  Also as the student develops, we introduce the principle of combinations, where throwing positions are taken and the throw executed and the opponent is also pinned or locked once on the ground. 

Different striking techniques are explored using the open hand, the fist, the elbow and these strikes are then put into combinations including working with kicks as well.  Jujitsu has a rich set of kicking techniques utilising roundhouse and side kick approaches.

Ground work will being to develop with arms locks on the ground and also how to evade such attacks.

Our belting systems offers young people the opportunity to mark their progress with the award of different coloured belts and the attainment of each coloured belt is met with the excitement of what comes with the training for the next belt.

We look forward to meeting you and your child at one of our clubs soon.