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Lymm jujitsu martial arts club

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Club Location


Youth and Community Centre,

Bridgewater Street,


Cheshire WA13 0AB.

Tel 07468491023

Email Us :

or you can find us on Facebook CLICK HERE

Club Times

Juniors 5 to 10 years and Juniors/Seniors of White to Green grade 6pm-7pm
Juniors/Seniors above Blue/White grade and all Seniors 16 yrs + 7pm-8pm



Welcome to the Lymm Ju Jitsu club page.

Our club is part of the Cheshire Budo Federation and we offer Ju Jitsu martial art training from 5yrs and above. Ju Jitsu (you may also find it spelt in other ways such as Ju Jutsu, Jiu Jitsu, Jiujitsu etc) is a traditional martial art with its origins in the military in Japan in the 16th century. Its purpose was to enable soldiers to fight their opponents in close quarter combat where weapons were not easy to use and the armour worn by soldiers resulting in punching and kicking techniques simply not working.

Ju jitsu works by allowing you to use the movement and momentum of your opponent to take them down using throws, locks and holds. It also allows you to them work on the floor to control your opponent with a wide variety of traps and locks.

Yes throws and floor work are key aspects to Ju Jitsu but we also have a wide variety of kicking and punching techniques to compliment and overall Ju Jitsu is a very well rounded martial art.

Many people look to Ju Jitsu as a self defence system and one key reason is that you will learn to be comfortable moving from standing up to being on the floor and most importantly of all, you'lll learn how to survive and function on the floor so that escape is achievable.

Please come and visit our school and learn more about this excellent system. Children and adults are all welcome and our highly qualified instructors look forward to sharing their skills and knowledge with you.