Mid Cheshire Budo Club (Honbu)

Mid Cheshire Budo Club (Honbu)

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Rudheath Ju Jitsu Session Rudheath Ju Jitsu Grading Day Rudheath Ju Jitsu Grading Day

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Club Location


Rudheath Leisure Centre,

Shipbrook Road,


Cheshire CW9 7EL

Tel 07885541457

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Club Times


5 - 7 Years 6pm-7pm
8 - 10 years 7pm-8pm
Adults 8pm-10pm


All Ages 10am-11.45am





Our club, based at the Rudheath Leisure Centre in Northwich, offers excellent facilities for martial arts training for both adults and children.  Whether you are a parent looking to martial arts to improve the discipline and application of your child or you yourself are keen to explore the facinating world of martial arts, we can offer you a very high level of instruction.

We teach the ancient Japanese fighting art of Ju Jitsu and here is a sample of the sorts of things you will learn.

Kicking and Punching :- how to execute these techniques effecitvely and also how to defend against them..

Locks and Bars :- are control and submission techniques that can be applied against different parts of your opponents body.  Ju Jitsu has a strong emphasis on ground fighting and significant amount of work is covered on applying and evading these powerful techniques.

Throws.  Taking an opponent to the ground in order to defend against an attack or to initiate your own attack are really key parts of Ju Jitsu.  Training in a safe and professionally supervised enviroment you will learn a wide variety of different throwing techniques that are highly valuable tools in the martial artists armoury.

Rolls and Breakfalls.  Possibly the most important skill of all is to ensure your own safety when falling to the ground either by take down, trip or failure to avoid an obstacle.  The sign of the martial artist that has truly mastered the ability to survive and escape is the fluid ability to transition from standing to the floor and back again.  Few martial arts cover this but in many ways especially in the world outside of the gym this is a key skill above all others.

Escapes.  If you are grabbed can you escape ?  Would you freeze ?  Would you struggle until your energy had all gone?  A game plane is essential.  Being able to relax and deal with situations where you are grabbed, held down, pinned down etc are skills that come from actually training.  Don't for one moment think that martial arts can be learnt from a DVD in your arm chair.  That can be a great complement to your training but you do need to get down and do the stuff.

Ju Jitsu taught by the Cheshire Budo Federation allows you to progress through a rigourous belt system with each belt providing a rich set of skills to learn and which forms the basiis for the belts to come.  Young children ("Mins") can progress to Black stripe and then onto Junior levels which can take them to Junior Black Belt.  The senior syllablus then takes over.

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