Shrewsbury Ju Jitsu Academy

Ju Jitsu Priory School Shrewsbury

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Club Location


Grange Sports Centre,

Shrewsbury Academy,

Mount Pleasant Road,




SY1 3LP.

Tel 07885541457

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Club Times

All Ages 10.30am-12.30pm


Shrewsbury Ju Jitsu Academy

Our Ju Jitsu Academy in Shrewsbury is lucky to have at its disposal the excellent Priory School Sports Centre hall which is modern, spacious and clean and ideal for Martial Arts training. There are changing rooms on site and ample car parking for visitors.

We offer the opportunity to train in this exciting Martial Art called Ju Jitsu to the highest levels.  It is ideal for both children and adults and you can learn a wide variety of fighting and defensive skills.  Here is a sample of the content of our sylabus.

Kicking and Punching and how to defend against kicks and punches.

Locks and Bars.  These are techniques that allow you to control an attacker.  Locks e.g. wrist or ankle locks and Bars e.g. arm bars can be powerfull tools that can work on attackers significantly stronger or bigger than you. However Ju Jitsu training always works to keep you alert to follow other options of defence if the situation changes.

Throws.  Ju Jitsu has a rich collection of throws that are an essential feature of all belts up to black belt and beyond.  You will learn how to identify the right time and position to execute throws.  In the situation where an opponent and yourself have entered into a grappling position, where you are both holding each other by arms or clothes etc, then throws are a very effective way to prevail.

Rolls and Breakfalls.  Ju Jitsu is very much about being comfortable going to the floor.  As we learn how to throw opponents, so do we have to learn how to survive being thrown or pushed or being struck to the floor.  If you are looking for a self defense system then Ju Jitsu is a good choice as it deals with the reality of being off your feet.

Escapes.  Whilst you learn how to grapple and throw and apply joint locks to your opponent so must you learn how to escape from them being applied to you.  Being grabbed from behind, being grabbed by wrists or choked etc requires you to work quickly and purposefully to remove yourself from the danger.  As you get to more advanced levels your training will begin to include how you turn these sorts of attacks into attacks of your own.

Ju Jitsu taught by the Cheshire Budo Federation allows you to progress through a rigourous belt system with each belt providing a rich set of skills to learn and which forms the basiis for the belts to come.  Young children ("Mins") can progress to Black stripe and then onto Junior levels which can take them to Junior Black Belt.  The senior syllablus then takes over. 


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